Pinhole, Printed – a 3D printed pinhole camera

A Kickstarter Project by: by Clint O’Connor

Pinhole – a 3D printed camera. Get one or print your own – either way, take magical photographs from a new, yet old perspective.



For 3D printing enthusiasts, the files and kits are available, or you can get photos or just back my project.  It may only be a dollar, but every backer is an additional encouragement to continue my work.

For photography enthusiasts, I have sold out of the Flyers that I’m making for Kickstarter (see Update #7).

Do keep an eye on the pledges, though. Occasionally someone cancels and you might get lucky.

If you’ve missed the Kickstarter cameras and want one, contact me on the Contact form and let me know if you want a Flyer or Clipper (panoramic).  I will get back to you about printing some more after the Kickstarter rewards have shipped.

All Stretch Goals Hit!

Funded in 13.5 hours – that is awesome for a photography project! We have also hit all the stretch goals.

Link to Kickstarter Project Page>

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