Minolta Rokkor 58mm f1.2 Review

Throwback Thursday! Minolta Rokkor 58mm f1.2 Review


By: Darren Miles

Originally published on Jun 19, 2014

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This video is about Rokkor 58mm f1.2 Review

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CONCLUSION:time to wrap up this review and draw some conclusions about the Minolta Rokkor 58mm f/1.2;

BUILD QUALITY: It’s first rate, made out of metal, smooth focus ring, it’s really weighty and very well put together it’s not weather sealed, but that’s not all that surprising. We gave it a 9/10

FOCUS SPEED AND ACCURACY: As a manual focus lens from the 1970s, this section of the review didn’t apply – focus speed and accuracy are N/A

OPTICAL QUALITY AND THE QUALITY OF THE RESULTS: Really, really good from f/2 onward, wide open it gave us some color fringing and was a bit soft across the board, even in the center – now just as a side note, this is a lens from the 70’s so its possible that there will be seem lens to lens differential in image quality, but we gave our copy of the lens an 8/10 for for optical quality and an 9/10 for the quality of the results.

VALUE: You can only get them used, and if you’re going to use it for video its awesome. Most people rave about the bokeh quality the lens produces and it is pretty amazing. Depending on the condition, you can pick one up anywhere from $350 – $700 US, which I think is a pretty good value – especially for something with an f/1.2 aperture, even if the overall image quality is soft at that setting. Just keep in mind its manual focus and manual aperture, but if you’re interested in something like this, chances are you knew that already… For value its a 8.5/10 as the resulting images and video are really nice.

OVERALL: – 34.5/40 and our RECOMMENDED rating.

THE FINAL WORD: If you’re into nostalgia, and can find a good one, the Minolta Rokkor 58mm f/1.2 represents a really nice value with some important shortcomings. If you plan on using the lens for video, then I think you’ll be pleased with the results, now it’s just my opinion, but the lack of tack sharpness seems a bit less noticeable to me in video than it does in stills. The Rokkor 58mm f/1.2 lives up to its legendary status, the same way say a 57 Chevy is a legend – optically, its OK at really wide apertures, it’s phenomenal from f/2.8 onward, on the flip side its completely manual and in order to capture great images with it, you really need to be on top of your game adjusting focus and aperture as necessary, and again it’s a joy to use in video and when shooting still subjects stopped down a little bit. If you can handle all that, then you’ll love the Rokkor, if you’re the kind of person who likes automatic transmissions in their cars or likes to put their SLR on AUTO, this is definitely NOT the lens for you… I’m Darren Miles with Darren Miles photography here in beautiful sunny Naples, FL, thanks for watching, and until the next time, happy shooting!

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