Camera Manufacturers:

1) Canon (Point and Shoot, DSLR, Lenses, Camcorders, Printers) Canon USA Camera Website

2) Nikon (Point and Shoot, DSLR, Lenses) Nikon Imaging Products Website

3) Sony (Point and Shoot, DSLR, Lenses, Camcorders) Sony Cybershot Camera Website

4) Samsung (Point and Shoot, Camera Phone, Interchangeable Lenses). Samsung’s Camera Website

5) Panasonic (Point and Shoot, Interchangeable lenses, Camcorders) Panasonic Camera and Camcorder Website

6) Fujifilm (Point and Shoot, Interchangeable Lenses, Photo Printer) Fujifilm Digital Camera Website

7) Pentax Ricoh (Point and Shoot, DSLR, Lenses). Pentax Ricoh Camera Products Page

8) Olympus (Point and Shoot, DSLR, Lenses). Olympus Camera Products Website

9) Casio (Point and Shoot) High Speed Exilim Cameras. Casio Digital Cameras

Lens Manufacturers:

1. ) Samyang (Photo and Cine Lenses) 

2. ) Tamron (Photo and Industrial Lenses)

3. ) Sigma (Photo, Cine Lenses and Accessories)

4. ) Mitakon Zhongyi (Photo Lenses)

5. ) Laowa Venus Lenses (Photo Lenses)

6. ) Zeiss (Photo, Cine and Industrial Lenses)

7. ) Tokina (Photo and Cine Lenses)

8. ) Voigtlaender (Photo Lenses and Accessories)

9. ) Olympus (Photo Lenses)

10.) Lomography Lenses (Photo Lenses)

11.) Meyer-Optik Goerlitz (Photo Lenses, accessories)

12.) Yongnuo (Photo Lenses, Flash and Accessories)

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