New Google Camera App available for Android Kitcat 4.4+

Google has just released the new standalone Google Camera App for Android 4.4+ (Kitcat) devices (Nexus 7, 10 Tablets and Nexus 5 Phone)

From their description:
Google Camera snaps quick and easy photos and videos, and has creative picture modes like Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and Panorama.Features
• Photo Spheres for immersive 360º views
• Lens Blur mode for SLR-like photos with shallow depth of field
• Panorama mode with high resolution
• 100% viewfinder for getting the maximum resolution from the sensor (no dropped pixels)
• Updated UI that gets out of your way and is centered on an extra large capture button
• Works on phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat. If you have any of the compatible devices it is well worth checking out.

Here’s a link to a post by: Carlos Hernández at the Google research blog, explaining the lens blur feature. Really cool stuff. Check it out!.

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