Kickstarter Hit Memoto Gets Ready To Ship Wearable, Life-Recording Cameras

By: Parmy Olson, Forbes Staff ( Tech.

Tucked away in Stockholm’s snow-covered Old Town, about half a dozen engineers with tech startup Memoto are making the final tweaks to the world’s smallest, wearable camera.

Oskar Kalmaru, the firm’s co-founder and marketing director, meets me outside in the frozen slush and invites me into the company’s apartment-style office. He offers a round, Swedish sponge cake to mark the last day before the country’s pseudo-secular celebration of Lent. Were he to wear the Memoto camera through our meeting, it would document that, sadly, the cake remains untouched through the entire interview. That is largely because what he says is so intriguing.

Kalmaru and his co-founders have built a device that could change the way people reflect and remember things. From the moment it is turned right-side up and uncovered, Memoto’s camera takes a constant stream of 5-megapixel shots, every two seconds. It costs $280 plus a monthly subscription fee for server space.

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