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Zine – A Way to Publish and Promote Your Photography


By: Ted Vieira

Originally published on Apr 24, 2017

Zines are such a great way for photographers to publish and promote their photography that can really help their shots stand out.

If you’d like to download the digital zines that I talk about in the video, you can find those here:

instagram: @tav_photography
direct instagram link:…

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ACROS vs ACROS : Film vs Digital


By: Ted Vieira

Originally published on Aug 25, 2016

I’ve wanted to do a comparison video for a while now, comparing the Fujifilm ACROS film simulation with the actual Neopan 100 ACROS film. This is that video. It’s not a debate between which is better, digital or film, that’s subjective and up to each person to make up their own mind on which is better for them.

This video just shows the two mediums back to back.
Instagram: @TAV_Photography…

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Canon EOS 77D Preview vs 80D – 8 Differences


By: ZY Productions

Published on Feb 15, 2017

What on earth is the 77D? I compare it to the 80D and talk about how they’re different.

P.S: I guess that makes the 800D a super spec-down of the 80D. 77D guts in an even crappier body.

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Tripods: How to Use Them, and Choose Them


By: steeletraining

Originally published on Feb 14, 2017 – Learn how to use a tripod for photography and how to choose the right one for your needs. Video tutorial by Phil Steele.

For more free tutorials and photography courses visit:

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Huge Black Friday Photography Deals Special!


By: Chris Winter

Originally published on Nov 25, 2016

✅✅ $1 Lav Mic:
✅✅ Neewer Lav Mic:
✅✅ Canon 80D Body: (Click ‘Show More’ To See Other Deals)
✅✅ Canon 80D with 18-135mm:
✅✅ Canon 80D (International):
✅✅ Canon SL1:
✅✅ Canon SL1 with 2 lenses:
✅✅ Canon T6:
✅✅ Nikon D3400:
✅✅ Nikon D3400 with 2 lenses:
✅✅ Nikon D500:
✅✅ Canon 50mm 1.8 STM:
✅✅ Canon 10-18mm STM:
✅✅ Canon 18-135mm STM:
✅✅ Canon 18-135mm STM (Cheaper):
✅✅ Canon 24mm STM:
✅✅ Canon 50mm 1.4:
✅✅ Nikon 50mm 1.8:
✅✅ Sony A6000:
✅✅ Panasonic G7:
✅✅ Panasonic GH4:
✅✅ Panasonic GH4 (International):
✅✅ PNY 128GB SD Card:
✅✅ Sandisk 128GB SD Card:
✅✅ Q666C Carbon Tripod:
✅✅ Neewer Carbon Tripod:

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