94x zoom lens patented—is a Canon SX100 planned?

By Mike Tomkins, December 27, 2013 (http://www.imaging-resource.com)

Photographers looking for the ultimate in image quality might avoid zoom lenses like the plague, but the popularity of increasingly long-zoom cameras suggests that some people just can’t get enough telephoto reach. If you’re in their number, you may find the promise of a recent patent filing by Canon Japan to be rather thrilling.

Admittedly, most patents make for somewhat dry reading, but this one, uncovered by Japanese engineering blog Egami, suggests that Canon could soon offer a camera with close to a 100x zoom range. (Given that the existing Canon SX50 HS sports a ~50x zoom, Egami cheekily suggests the name Canon SX100 HS for a followup, tagging its image on the lens diagram with the moniker.)

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